Maikel Moya
Customer Experience Agent

I worked as a guide for 5 years and discovered many beauties in my homeland that I had only seen on TV or in magazines. It made me fall deeply in love with the landscapes of my own country and its people.
For me, the city of Havana is never dull, the beaches along the island are the perfect place to getaway and relax with my family and the mountains of Sierra Maestra never cease to take my breath away.
Now that I work in an office I often miss traveling around, however I do have the opportunity to share advice to all clients who ask me about touristic places in Cuba don´t think twice, come visit us! Enjoy this warm land and experience unique moments.

Amarilys Perez
Customer Experience Agent

I would not wait to come to Cuba, see its beautiful places and get to know the people on the streets. Working for 16 years as a tour-guide gave me the possibility to extensively explore and learn about almost every corner of my land.
I can help you discover Cuba if you have any questions or doubts. Baracoa and Viñales,(both with their lovely hills), and Trinidad, (with its charming architecture) are my favorite places. There is also much more to live and enjoy here.
We await you with open arms! Come dance through Cuba or wander along breath-taking paths with us!

Pedro “Peter” Borges
Customer Experience Agent

Many years working as a translator and tour guide in Cuba broadened my view and allowed me to have contact with many people from all over the world. Just as I was, the majority of them were really happy to visit various locations on the island, from the cities of Havana and Trinidad to the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Las Terrazas.
Cities or countryside, same conclusions: Cuba and its culture are fascinating!
There are many things to enjoy and appreciate here, the country’s passion for baseball and dominos, the world famous tobacco and the various rum flavors, to name a few.
Thank you for choosing us. You won´t regret it!

Julia Urbanik
Product Manager

I have been working and living in Cuba for almost two years now. My first long term trip was to the United States, where I temporarily resided. I then studied, worked and lived in Spain and Ecuador, I travelled in Costa Rica and Panama and I finally fell in love with Cuba.
Cuba means life and people, Cuba means music and dance, Cuba means colours and nostalgic cars, Cuba means beauty and nature. Cuba means diversity!
I love to dive into fascinating and diverse cultures with all their beauties, contrasts and peculiarities. Cuba, without a doubt, can offer all of this. Come and experience!

Sandra Neu
Head of Product Management

Cuba was the first country I visited in Latin-America & the Caribbean while trying to improve my Spanish skills for my tourism studies in Germany. After studying in Costa Rica, working in Chile and travelling to many other countries, I had to come back to this fascinating island to settle down.
I love going on spontaneous concerts of fusion music combining elements of jazz, rock and salsa.
Cuban culture is maybe one of the most diverse and controversial ones our world offers, but it’s also like a treasure chest that you will never discover properly.
Don´t miss it and try to understand it!

Enrique “Gitano” Mayolas
Day Trip Manager

My name is Enrique but everybody calls me Gitano (Gypsy). It means I´m here today and tomorrow, elsewhere. I am regularly organizing events and working for people who enjoy visiting Cuba and want to experience the Cuban rhythms, sun, cigars, cocktails and much more.
I do not have a particular favorite location here in my country, there are just some places which are better suited for certain moments. Every one of them simply wonderful and captivating.
The Cuban beauty is made grander by sharing it with you. Come relax, recharge your batteries and make memories to take back to your own home country!
Don’t think twice about it!

Miriam Brülhart
Product Manager

The multifaceted culture of the Latin-American continent always captivated me. Due to the magic within Cuba, a few years ago I made the decision to relocate my home from Switzerland to Havana.
The openness and spontaneity of Cubans, their creativity to live everyday life and their passion to live in the moment still fascinates me.
Cuba offers so much and cannot be compared with any other country. Leave your ideals at home and plunge into this culture full of spirit.