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Cuba has now approved two of its own Covid-19 vaccines. The vaccination campaign is almost complete in Havana and Santiago de Cuba, and is progressing rapidly throughout the rest of the country. Official sources say that the population will be vaccinated by mid-September. This positive development is of crucial importance for tourism, regardless of the current situation in the country.

As of the next main travel season, from November onwards, Cuba will be one of the countries with the highest Covid-19 vaccination rate. We therefore expect the travel restrictions to be relaxed by then and that the country will again be able to reveal all the special qualities that it has to offer the world.

When the time is right for travelling again, Cuba Real Tours will be well prepared to welcome you with great offers for our round trips and excursions. We have to be patient for a while, but we are already looking forward to the new season from November 1st onwards.

We have summarized answers to some essential travel questions, please see them below. Besides that, our team is available for detailed information and offers at

We hope you are well and looking forward to visiting Cuba!

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Healthcare Fee & Travel Insurance

How do I pay the 30 USD health fee at the airport?
It is normally included on the flight ticket.
Are there criteria for compulsory foreign health insurance?
Cuba requires all travelers to have health insurance that covers them in case they are covid-19 positive.

Upon Arrival in Cuba

Is it required to have a previous PCR test for COVID 19?
Yes. It is mandatory to present a certificate with a negative result of an RT-PCR for SARS Cov-2. This certificate must be issued by a certified laboratory in the country of origin and carried out in a period of 72 hours before the arrival in Cuba.
How much would cost the PCR test upon arrival?
It is mandatory to carry out a PCR test upon arrival in Cuba. It is free of charge for all passengers.
What is the “health declaration“ I need to fill out?
All travelers are required to have a health declaration, a form that the airline must give to the passenger once on board the plane and shortly before landing in Cuba.

Waiting Time for PCR Test

What should be done while waiting for the results of the PCR test?
The traveler can move freely in all common areas of the accommodation (pool, bar, beach, etc.) within the first 24 hours of arrival while waiting for the negative result. After 24 hours with a negative result the traveler can freely explore and enjoy the city and travel to other provinces. That is the main reason Caribbean Tours recommends its clients to have the first night at a Cuban beach. Doing so, you wont see those 24 hours as a waist of time.

In Case of Positive PCR

What happens if a traveler receives a positive result of the PCR test (with or without symptoms)?
If positive to "Covid-19" the traveler with symptoms will be transferred directly to a specialized hospital. In the case of being asymptomatic, then he will be sent to an isolation center which are usually hotels that were adapted for this new function.
What happens to positive case contacts?
These travelers must remain isolated in their accommodation, waiting for the second negative PCR result in order to continue their trip as planned.
Who covers the costs of clients who must stay in their accommodation and cannot enjoy the planned program?
All tourists must enter the country with a medical insurance that must cover these expenses. Our agency will always be supporting the client so that he can continue his vacation in the best way.

Travelling on a Round Trip

Are all tourist services available throughout the country?
Yes, Cuba has made a great effort to reopen its tourist attractions and services and to certify the new hygiene protocols. In the private sector, cafes, restaurants, cocktail bars, galleries and stores, etc., are gradually opening. Only discotheques and dance events are not available or very limited at this time. Cabaret shows such as Tropicana, El Parisien or the Havana Queens are also not currently taking place.
Have hygienic sanitary protocols been implemented all over the country?
All sites have implemented hygienic sanitary protocols to guarantee the safety of travellers. These protocols are certified and endorsed by health and tourism authorities, they were conceived taking into account the recommendations of international organizations.

PCR Test on Departure

How and where can a PCR test be performed upon departure in case the destination country requires it?
You should contact and coordinate with the medical responsible of the hotel or with the public center in the area of your private accommodation. The Cuban state is trying to provide the results of these tests within 24 hours, but it may take up to 48 hours. We recommend that you consider this time and plan for a minimum of 2 nights before your departure from the country.

Cancellation and Reservation Conditions

What are the reservation and cancellation conditions for travel to Cuba?
In our agency, we apply the rules according to the exceptional situation. In the case of group tours we accept new reservations up to 5 days before the program starts and we offer more flexible cancellation policies where cancellations can be made free of charge up to 5 days before the start of the tour. In all other cases, our reservation and cancellation policies remain the same.